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AFC (SP) Ministry Update: April 2024

Dear Partners in the Gospel of Christ,

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

As we approach this sacred season of remembrance, when the world pauses to reflect on the profound events of Christ's unjust trial, crucifixion, death, and glorious resurrection, we are reminded of the eternal significance of His finished work. Indeed, nearly two millennia have passed since that pivotal moment, yet millions of believers worldwide gather annually to give thanks for the triumphant victory of our risen Lord.

For Christ's resurrection is not merely a historical fact but a living reality that continues to transform lives and shape destinies across the globe. The message of the cross, once confined to the boundaries of Palestine, now resonates in every corner of the earth, reaching even the remote islands of the Pacific.

Amidst these reflections, we rejoice in the recent blessings poured out upon Ambassadors for Christ (SP). Despite the torrential rains, nearly 300 individuals gathered daily at the Easter convention, where our national team shared powerful messages from the book of Acts. Moreover, youth events in the evening witnessed several young souls embracing faith in Christ.

Additionally, our ministry received the opportunity to share our beliefs with a broader audience through an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). For those interested, the interview is available on the ABC's website or accessible via the following link: ABC Interview Link.

In other news, we are excited to announce our relocation to a new office in Lautoka town. This premises now serves as the home for our eye clinic, bookshop, and the headquarters of Ambassadors for Christ (SP).

However, amidst these blessings, we face a pressing need for a replacement for our Toyota

Hiace Van. The previous van underwent significant upgrades that we cannot afford to repair. We humbly request your prayers for the provision of a new van, trusting in the Lord's timely intervention.

Looking ahead, we ask for your continued prayers for the faithful stewardship, growth, and impact of our ministry. This month, we anticipate the Suva Pastors Conference, albeit at a different venue due to unforeseen circumstances; one of the major christian denominations in Fiji has blacklisted us from teaching in their churches and also using their facilities. Please pray for the conference that the Lord would be pleased to bring many pastors - Please join us in prayer for the conference's success and that the Lord would strengthen His people and draw many hearts to Himself.

Above all, pray for the hearts of those we serve, that they may be receptive to the transforming power of the Gospel. As we navigate new territories and strive to reach more individuals with the love of Christ, your partnership in prayer is invaluable. 

Together, let us seek the Lord's guidance; trusting in His unfailing grace and boundless love.



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