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Academic Requirements


As an applicant, you will be evaluated on the basis of:

- Your academic records

- The assessment of your references

- The extent and quality of involvement in Christian service

- Your apparent gifts and potential for placement into Christian ministry.



The admission process requires each applicant to submit the following:


1. An application as provided by the college. This form will ask for general information, academic background, financial ability personal data and any other items necessary to the admissions process.

2. A copy of all academic achievements of the candidate to include school certificates, and diplomas or degrees as issued by recognized educational bodies.

3. A passport sized photograph (approx 5cm x 5cm) with the application.

4. Send it in a hard copy to our mail address found in the "How to Apply" Section or subitted via the "Online Application" form

5. Medical Report and Police report obtained within the last three months are to be included in this with this application.

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