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Academic Standard

Education Model

The College of Theology & Evangelism Fiji has a fourfold educational model:


1. The Study of the Bible - The foundational concern of all courses and programs at CTEF is to teach students the scriptures so that they can become faithful preachers and teachers of the gospel.  

2. Theological Understanding - Building on the scripture as the authoritative word of God, students are taught to interpret scripture in its grammatical, historical and theological context.

3. Ministry Skills - Grounded in the scripture and theology, students are taught to preach the truth of God’s word in a loving way by various methods.  

4. Spiritual Life - The goal of our educational model is to bring the truth taught in the classroom down from the mind into the life and character of the students.  




The College of Theology & Evangelism Fiji received its recognition from the Fiji Higher Education Commission in 2010 and registration from the same body in 2011. Click here to download registration certificate 1  and certificate 2 



The College received its accreditation from Transworld Accrediting Commission, USA and at present is seeking accreditation from the Fiji Higher Education Commission for all our programs.  

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