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"We believe that when the Bible is taught with clarity, God is seen in all of His majesty and holiness - hearts are conquered, minds are renewed, and communities are transformed. To that end, every gift matters, thank you."

Consider the potential outreach when each student influences their friends and family, creating a ripple effect that extends to subsequent circles of connections. This is the catalyst for transformation: the training of committed individuals, both laypeople and future church leaders, in the teachings of God, whose influence resonates across generations.

Your financial support for the College of Theology and Evangelism Fiji (CTEF) will contribute to funding student scholarships, establishing and sustaining a enduring community campus, and enhancing academic opportunities for both on-campus and online CTEF students. Thank you for investing in the lives of students, trusting that, by God’s grace, this investment will yield lasting impact for generations to come.


CTEF accepts no government funding of any kind, relying entirely on donor support to cover our annual costs. With your generosity, we can make Dr. Nair's vision for training the next generation of faithful Christians disciples a reality.


Your contribution will directly support student scholarships, ensuring that qualified students receive a trusted biblical and theological education. As these students grow in their faith and knowledge, they will go on to impact countless others, multiplying the impact of your gift. Thank you for partnering with us to take the gospel to the South Pacific and beyond.

Would you consider sponsoring a CTEF Student?

Every month we have a minimum requirement to keep all operations running. Monthly recurring and one-time donations are all welcome and can be done by clicking on the "Donate" buttons below. 

Donations can be made securely through any of the following options;  AFCI,  National Christian Foundation or our merchant, "Stripe". 


If you would like to donate via AFCI, please select under "Fund" the "Fiji Bible College" - All payments are made through Pushpay

For those who live in America, we have recently set up a fund with the "National Christian Foundation" which means donors from the USA will now receive a tax-deductible receipt from a renowned organization that has mobilised more than $16 billion for 71,000 churches, ministries, and charities since 1982.

The "Donate" buttons below will redirect you to external websites for payment to be taken. All contributions through "National Christian Foundation" and "AFCI" are in American Dollars, while donations made through "Stripe" are in Australian Dollars.

By donating, you are helping facilitate the work in Fiji through the arm of the Ambassadors For Christ in conjunction with the College of Theology and Evangelism.

Another way that you can financially partner with us is through Ambassadors for Christ International –USA

To Donate By Mail:
AFCI USA Service Center
PO Box 369
Roswell, GA 30077

If sending a check, write in the memo line: “For the College of Theology and Evangelism Fiji”

Please feel free to call AFCI at (470) 514-5427

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