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Prayer Letter: January 2024

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thousands of Lay Preachers in the Methodist Church of Fiji deliver sermons every Sunday. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of these preachers lack the skill to expound upon the scriptures. They typically read the text for the week, narrate the story, and use the scriptures to teach liberation theology or promote their own political agenda.

Over the years, my prayers have been focused on an opportunity to equip these preachers with the knowledge to prepare and deliver expository sermons. This opportunity has arisen, as a graduate from our college has assumed the esteemed position of Senior General Secretary of the Methodist Church of Fiji. Early next year, I plan to present a proposal for a Lay Preachers Training Program to him. Our ambitious goal is to train 1000 lay preachers in the coming year, with an approximate cost of US$100 per student. This covers essential materials such as textbooks and Bible lecture notes, as well as travel expenses for two instructors.

While an exceptional door of opportunity has opened, there are hurdles to overcome, including the approval of the Methodist Church and the financial challenge. We seek your prayers and support to surmount these obstacles and provide valuable training for these lay preachers. Your steadfast support throughout these years has been invaluable.

With sincere gratitude and in Christ’s Love,


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